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Published: 03/12/2019 - 10:25
Last modification: 03/08/2021 - 12:20

The Federal University of Uberlândia was founded in 1969, with the association of several isolated colleges, such as the Faculty of Engineering, the Medical School, the Law School, among others. In 1978 its federalization took place - and at the time - its academic and administrative organizations were structured in three centers: Exact Sciences and Technology Center (CETEC), Human and Arts Sciences Center (CEHAR) and Biological Sciences Center (CEBIM).

It was first created as an Institute of Genetics and Biochemistry (INGEB), by resolution 05/99 of the University Council, on December 21, 1999, originating from the Department of Genetics. Since 1994 offers the Graduate Program in Genetics and Biochemistry; since 2009 the undergraduate programs in Biotechnology (Patos de Minas and Umuarama Campus); and since 2017 offers the graduate program in Biotechnology. In 2018 it became known with the Institute of Biotechnology.



Office Hours: 

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Monday to Friday

07:30 - 12h / 13:30 - 17h (GMT - 03:00)



Institute Director: Carlos Ueira Vieira
Institute Officer: Madson Caetano de Carvalho
Campus Umuarama - Bloco 2E - Sala 203
Rua Acre - 1004 - Bairro Umuarama
Uberlândia, MG - Brasil - CEP 38405-319